Aerial Arts is a highly unique and specialized skill. The only thing free about it is the deep and radical love we experience when learning and performing while suspended in the air!

At Aerial Arts Fairfax, we have an amazing program to offer the community. It was initially founded and developed over 8 years by Katherine Harts. Today we have an incredibly wide variety of aerial apperatii (silks, hammocks, lyras & trapeze), plenty of top-quality safety mats, brand-new high-quality aerial rigging with 9 aerial points in the ceiling, and a sound system. This all cost Meredith, the new director of Aerial Arts Fairfax, personally about $15,000 up front when she took over for Katherine Harts in June 2019. That amount is still climbing as we continue to regularly inspect and make improvements to the equipment, apparatii, and rigging.

Meredith seeks the support of the community. She needs help recouping for the expenses she took on immediately when she got the call in June 2019 that Katherine was leaving and the program was at risk of ceasing to exist. Meredith made a quick choice to do whatever it took for the sake of Aerial Arts Fairfax being able to continue to operate as seamlessly as possible for the community.

The best way to support Aerial Arts Fairfax is to enroll in a full semester of classes. However, if you do find that you have more to give, PLEASE do offer us a donation via PayPal at

Your generosity is so deeply appreciated and is also absolutely vital to the long term survival of the program. Please email (above), text or call 415-302-4221 if you have any questions about our program and how you can support Aerial Arts Fairfax. Thank you!